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Shine on camera, radiate confidence!


On-Camera Fundamentals, Styling Secrets, and Engaging Your Audience

Introducing a comprehensive 6-week online course that will empower you with the essential skills and confidence to shine on camera. Whether you're a professional seeking to enhance your on-camera presence or an aspiring content creator looking to captivate your audience, our specialized courses are designed to unlock your full potential.

Tv Interview Confidence

Shine On-Camera Course Benefits:

Our 6-week long course is carefully curated by industry experts, providing you with practical tips, step-by-step demonstrations, and insider knowledge. Our interactive learning platform allows you to learn at your own pace, ensuring a personalized and immersive experience.

Key benefits of our on-camera course include:

  • Professional guidance: Learn from experienced instructors who have mastered the art of on-camera presence and engagement.

  • Practical exercises: Apply your knowledge through hands-on exercises, ensuring practical application of the concepts you learn.

  • Tailored content: Each course is specifically designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities of on-camera presence, hair and makeup, wardrobe, or audience engagement.

  • Convenient accessibility: Access the courses anytime, anywhere, and from any device, allowing you to learn at your own convenience.

  • Supportive community: Join a community of fellow learners, exchanging insights, feedback, and encouragement as you progress through the courses.

Whether you're stepping into the limelight, delivering online presentations, hosting webinars, or creating video content, our 6-week course provides the expertise and guidance you need to make a lasting impression on camera.


Enroll today and embark on a journey to "Shine On-Camera and Radiate Confidence!"

Beauty Vlogger shows on-camera confidence
Model shows on-camera confidence

Unlock your on-camera potential with the 'Shine On-Camera Course'—it transforms beginners into shining stars of on-camera charisma.

It includes four e-courses:

On-Camera Essentials

  • Where to look

  • How to Stand

  • Eye Contact

  • Facial Expressions

  • What to do with your hands

At-Home on-camera studio

Dress for Success

  • Colors to wear

  • Patterns to avoid

  • Distracting accessories

  • Dressing for occasion

On-camera wardrobe

Camera Ready Beauty

  • How to wear hair

  • Hair up or down?

  • Necessary makeup

  • BONUS: Makeup Tutorial

On-camera makeup

Camera Ready Connection

  • Getting to know your audience

  • Creating relevant content

  • Smiling

Vlogger shows on-camera confidence

It also includes one-on-one
weekly On-Camera Coaching

Confidence. Precision. Personal Connection. Authenticity.

Our mission at Elyse Rae Consulting is to make sure industry leaders are equipped with the tools and know-how to have a flawless on-camera presence.

Find out more!

This video explains exactly what each e-course focuses on and what you will learn.

Video Camera Lens

Can't Commit 6 Weeks?

That's okay! You can still embark on a journey to get on-camera confident! We offer our "Shine on Camera" courses a la carte! That way you can go at your own pace!


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