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Shine on camera, radiate confidence! #royaltyawaits

Video Camera

Are you on-camera ready?

Unlock the secrets to a captivating on-camera performance with our 6-week online course, "Shine on Camera."


Throughout the course, you'll delve into the fundamentals of effective communication, body language, and vocal techniques tailored specifically for the camera. Learn the art of connecting with your audience, creating a lasting impression, and delivering your message with confidence and authenticity.

Step into the spotlight with poise, professionalism, and a newfound ability to captivate your audience on camera.

Empowering Queens for the Camera!

This quick video walks you through the "Shine On-Camera Course." What will be focused on week-by-week and what you can expect to learn out of every e-course.

More About The "Shine on Camera" Course?

A Comprehensive 6-Week Online Course to Elevate Your On-Camera Presence!

Week 1: On-Camera Essentials:

  • Learn the art of engaging eye contact, perfect your stance, and discover the power of expressive gestures. From the importance of facial expressions to utilizing your hands effectively, this course provides practical tips and techniques to enhance your on-camera presence. Elevate your confidence, connect authentically with your audience, and make a lasting impression every time you step in front of the lens. It's time to shine on camera!

Week 2: Camera Ready Beauty:

  • Discover the do's and don'ts of hairstyling, master the art of captivating eye makeup, and learn the intricacies of facial contouring and eyebrow shaping. This course provides practical insights into how makeup can transform your on-camera appearance, ensuring you look your best in any virtual setting. Elevate your confidence and project your most polished, camera-ready self with the skills acquired from this transformative beauty course. Get ready to shine on camera effortlessly!

BONUS: Makeup Tutorial

Week 3: Dress for Success:

  • Uncover the significance of dressing strategically for virtual success, exploring the psychology behind colors and their impact. Learn the best colors to wear for various settings, understand which patterns to avoid, and discover the art of dressing appropriately for different occasions. This course also emphasizes the importance of steering clear of distracting accessories, ensuring your audience focuses on your message. Sharpen your on-camera image, make confident wardrobe choices, and project a polished, professional presence every time you step in front of the lens. Dress for success and leave a lasting impression!

Week 4 and 5: Camera Ready Connection:

  • Delve into the significance of understanding your audience and learn three impactful ways to connect with them authentically. Explore the art of creating engaging content and discover practical examples to elevate your on-camera presence. From sample questions that captivate your audience to techniques for clear and confident speech, this course guides you through the essentials. Embrace the importance of authenticity and eye contact to establish a genuine connection, ensuring your on-camera communication is both compelling and memorable. Transform your virtual interactions with "Camera Ready Connection" and captivate your audience with every appearance!

Week 6: Overview

The 6-week course includes weekly one-on-one coaching sessions where we will discuss the weekly topic in detail, and go over the call to action after every course. This also gives you the opportunity to ask exclusive questions, and get expert advice to elevate your on-camera appearance.

Client Testimonials

Dr. Akshata Prabhu
Ms International World 2021
International Glamour Project
Chris Persky
Miss USA Teen Commentator
Miss Earth USA 2023
Danielle Mullins

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